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COVID-19 Information

We have been working hard putting together our strategy for delivering our services to you in the safest manner possible.  We have actively re-trained our staff on essential infection control and hygiene.  We will be asking your participation in adopting these new polices to help protect you and our staff.

Here are the guidelines that we ask you to follow during your visit:

  • We ask that you self-screen for signs and symptoms of Covid 19 before arriving. If you or anyone you know have been in contact with a Covid 19 case, have tested positive, or have a fever, cough or flu-like symptoms, please disclose this so we can reschedule your appointment.  

  • Hand sanitizers will be positioned throughout the Salon. 

  • All Color Box Salon employees have been fully vaccinated.

    The following is a list of preventive actions we are taking: 

  • Cleaning and/or disinfecting all surfaces and implements with hospital grade disinfectants and sanitizers

  •  Staff will be checked every morning for any possible symptoms. We have implemented a employee sick/Covid 19 plan.

  • Laundering and/or disinfecting all capes, towels, linens, tools etc after each use

  • Discontinued the practice of hand shaking and all other non-essential contact.

  • We have created exposure response procedures for the business.

  • Disinfectants, hand sanitizers and tissue are available throughout the salon.

  • Installation of a Clear Sky Ion Generator Air Purification System

  • Installation of a iWave Air scrubber that purifies the air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses


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